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March 3, 2021

White Paper: 1031 Exchanges & the Public Interest – 10 Benefits for the Economy, Communities, and the U.S. Treasury

Hamilton Zanze is excited to share our latest white paper, produced with research from CBRE Strategic Investment Consulting (CSIC), where we examine 10 of the ways Section 1031 like-kind exchanges benefit everyone from renters to small business owners and the economy as a whole.

Section 1031 exchanges have been an important part of the tax code since 1921 but are frequently the target of attempts to repeal or restrict their use.

We partnered with CSIC to help dispel the attitudes about 1031 exchange tax incentives stemming from myths about “real estate moguls” and “big corporations” being the only beneficiaries. We delve into 10 of the ways 1031 exchanges open up opportunities for a multitude of investors, owners, and renters, and stimulate economic growth at times when it is most needed.

Download the full white paper to learn more.

October 13, 2020

White Paper: 10 Tax Advantages of Real Estate Investments

Strategic planning for real estate investments can help real estate investors realize several generous income tax benefits, including preferential capital gains rates and the ability to defer tax to later years — and in some cases, avoid the tax altogether.

Hamilton Zanze partnered with CLA, the eighth-largest accounting firm in the U.S., to produce a white paper examining 10 of the tax benefits of strategically investing in multifamily real estate that can often go overlooked, from 1031 exchanges to charitable gifting. Download the white paper to read more. 

November 15, 2018

White Paper: 10 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Apartments

Hamilton Zanze commissioned research from CBRE to create a white paper examining the top-10 reasons apartments remain a compelling investment in today’s market. Please click here or below to download a copy, and contact the HZ Investor Relations team at investorrelations@hamiltonzanze.com or media contact Nicole Marshall nicole@curatedcommunications.com for more information.