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Aligned with your goals

1031 Exchange.

Running your own income-producing real estate requires a lot of work. But through the 1031 exchange process with Hamilton Zanze, owners can realize tax-efficient returns without finding, buying, and managing a property on their own.

As experienced multifamily real estate owner-operators with decades of success, we provide exclusive 1031 exchange solutions to create a passive, turn-key investment experience.

Turn the active management of your investment property into a passive investment experience.

Unlocking the Benefits of a 1031 Exchange Still Image

The benefits of a 1031 exchange.

Defer capital gains taxes icon

Defer capital gains taxes by reinvesting proceeds in another income-producing property.

Real estate investments to passive income icon

Turn active real estate investments into passive income.

Diversify your real estate portfolio icon

Diversify your real estate portfolio by region and asset class.

Increase in investor basis and depreciation icon

Facilitate an increase in investor basis and depreciation.

Springfield Apartments — Murfreesboro, TN

We focus on every detail to deliver results.

Since 2001, Hamilton Zanze has invested with the highest standards. Our principals and employees invest in every property we own and are uniquely aligned with your goals. We handle the property’s acquisition, management, and cash distribution — you enjoy a passive investment experience.


Individual 1031 exchanges performed in 2022 and 2023.

$ B

In transaction volume since 2001 (as of Q1 2024).

Equity Multiple

Multiple on invested capital (as of Q1 2024).

Equity Multiple

Equity multiple measures investment returns by comparing the value of an investment on the exit date to the initial investment amount.

How to work with us.

Our team will walk you through every step of the 1031 exchange process.


Contact Hamilton Zanze early in your sales process to understand the investment process.


You sell your investment property and send proceeds to a third-party exchange accommodator.


Choose your reinvestment options with Hamilton Zanze.


Enjoy the benefits of your passive real estate investment.

Get in touch.

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