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Multifamily Real Estate Investments.

Hamilton Zanze makes multifamily real estate investments with the highest standards. Our commitment and expertise deliver more than positive outcomes — we realize impact that stands the test of time. Together with our community of investors, we leave every investment better than we found it.

What we offer

The benefits of multifamily investing.

Multifamily real estate investments with Hamilton Zanze provide a unique set of benefits:

  • Access to institutional-quality assets in growth markets
  • Investment portfolio diversification
  • Tax-efficient investments that balance distributable income and appreciation
Invest with us

Proven performance.

As owner-operators we invest in every offering, which aligns our interests with our investors’ and creates shared success.

21,230 units
Consistent growth

We have grown our portfolio through multiple economic cycles. Starting with our first acquisition in 2001, our portfolio has grown to 21,230 units across 120 properties in 15 states (as of Q4 2023).

$ B
Transaction Volume

Hamilton Zanze has acquired $6.8B of properties since inception and has completed investment sales totaling $3.9B (as of Q4 2023).

Debt Coverage Ratio

Average portfolio DCR based on a rolling 12-month period (as of Q4 2023). question mark svg

Debt Coverage Ratio

A measurement of a firm’s available cash flow to pay current debt obligations.

Equity Multiple

Multiple on invested capital (as of Q4 2023). question mark svg

Equity Multiple

Measures investment returns by comparing the value of an investment on the exit date to the initial investment amount.

Investor Distribution

Average portfolio cash on cash (as of Q4 2023).

Current markets.

Nationwide Footprint

Our portfolio is located across 26 markets in 15 states, providing us with critical local market knowledge that enhances our underwriting and investment strategy. Select a market to learn more.

Vertically integrated to deliver value at every stage of your investment.

Property Investment Partners and Improvements Icon

Our partnership with Mission Rock Residential (MRR) actively protects and improves our investments, reducing controllable expenses and maximizing net operating income.

Property Multifamily Real Estate Investment Capital Icon

Our dedicated and experienced project management team can efficiently execute capital improvement projects, updating properties to increase resident retention and boost property value.

Project Real Estate Investment Fund Management and Improvement Icon

A portion of MRR’s client portfolio includes institutional operators across the United States. In turn, our collective history and management experience brings added value and know-how to new and existing markets.

See how we deliver value
Tribeca Apartments - St. Louis, MO
Apartment Real Estate Investment 1031 Exchange Property

Smart thermostats offer automatic temperature adjustments, reducing utility costs for renters and regulating energy consumption. These thermostats can be remotely operated by property managers when units are unoccupied, ensuring a sustainable and comfortable environment and further optimizing utility expenses.

Smart locks offer top-tier enhanced security features to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. They enable residents and property managers to efficiently monitor and control locks from any remote device, eliminating the need for physical keys.

By incorporating leak sensors, property managers have the ability to address water issues before they escalate into major damage problems. This early detection saves money on repairs, prevents water waste, and maintains the health and safety of residents.

the 1031 exchange

We are your 1031 exchange resource.

Taking care of real estate investments requires continuous effort. But through the 1031 exchange process with Hamilton Zanze, owners can realize tax-efficient returns without finding, buying, and managing the property on their own. As proven multifamily real estate owner-operators, we provide 1031 exchange solutions to create a passive, turn-key investment experience.

Learn more about 1031 exchanges