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Build a financial legacy

Generational Wealth.

Are you looking to build generational wealth through multifamily real estate, but are unsure of the best way to pass these investments onto your heirs?

Hamilton Zanze offers tax-efficient solutions to help you make the most of your family portfolio.

White paper:

Building a Tax-Deferred Legacy Through Multifamily Investing


Gain an in-depth understanding of tax-efficient estate planning in multifamily investments from leading experts.

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How your family benefits – now and in the future.

Investing in multifamily real estate can provide a secure financial future for you and your loved ones. Here’s how:

Tax-Deferred Capital Gains Tax Benefits Icon
Tax benefits

Families can defer and optimize taxes through 1031 exchanges, pass-through taxation, depreciation deductions, and estate tax planning.

Real Estate Investment Portfolio Diversification Icon
Portfolio diversification

Hamilton Zanze offers investors geographic and asset type diversification through a nationwide footprint across 21,000+ units in 27 markets in 16 states.

Tax-Efficient Passive Income Generation and Distributions Icon
Income generation

Multifamily assets can provide consistent income through tax-efficient distributions and long-term appreciation.


Always consult with a qualified tax professional or estate planning attorney to assess the specific tax benefits and implications of any multifamily investment.

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Multifamily Real Estate Investment Overview Properties

Learn from experts about tax-efficient estate planning in multifamily investments.

Building a tax-deferred legacy video thumbnail
Building a Tax-Deferred Legacy-Estate Planning With Multifamily Investments

“We really appreciate the passive investment experience with Hamilton Zanze, which allows us to generate income and invest in the future without all the headaches of actively managing properties day to day.”

 – Hamilton Zanze client

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