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Since 2001, Hamilton Zanze has worked productively with its institutional partners in a variety of structures to access multifamily opportunities. These vehicles include single asset joint ventures, programmatic joint ventures, and more recently, discretionary funds.

Our work spans the risk and size spectrum, with a primary focus on value-add and opportunistic transactions greater than $100M in deal size.

Established & durable platform.

Our robust and repeatable investment process based on real estate fundamentals has been developed over nearly 20 years.

Units Owned

Starting with our first acquisition of 16 units in 2001, our portfolio has risen to 21,230 units across 120 properties (as of Q4 2023).

Properties Sold

With more than 146 properties sold, HZ has created $3.9B in dispositional value (as of Q4 2023).

Portfolio Resilency

Portfolio debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) based on a rolling 12-month period (as of Q4 2023).

$ B
Historical Purchase Volume

Total purchase price of all properties bought since company inception (as of Q4 2023).

Current markets.

Nationwide Footprint

Our portfolio is located across 26 markets in 15 states, providing us with critical local market knowledge that enhances our underwriting and investment strategy. Select a market to learn more.

Joint venture acquisitions.

Total properties purchased to date

Purchased 76 properties alongside a joint venture partner (as of Q4 2023).

Total units purchased to date

Purchased alongside a joint venture partner (as of Q4 2023).

Aggregate purchase price
$ B

Total acquisition price of joint venture properties (as of Q4 2023).

Hamilton Zanze GP Fund I.

In 2022, we expanded our investment offerings to include our first discretionary general partner fund (HZ GP Fund I), allowing our acquisition team to invest in unique deal opportunities with more agility. In a competitive acquisition environment, this fund further differentiates HZ by providing surety of capital, which is highly valued by both sellers and brokers in the disposition process, and also helps position us for better deal terms and pricing.

The uniqueness of this structure gives fund investors the opportunity to augment their returns through shared fees paid by joint venture partners, including acquisition, asset management and promoted interest. To date, in this fund, we have worked on joint ventures with high-quality institutional partners such as Davidson Kempner Capital Management, Investcorp and DCA Partners.

While the HZ GP Fund I offering is closed for new investment, we anticipate fundraising for HZ GP Fund II to kick-off in 2024.

See JV partnership case study

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Pete Casey - Managing Director, Capital Markets - Hamilton Zanze Pete Casey

Managing Director, Capital Markets

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