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Capital Expenditures

Leave it better.

We’re driven to deliver great returns to our investors, and to add value in everything we touch. That means leaving everything and everyone better than we found them — from properties to portfolios, employees to communities.

Net Operating Income (NOI)

Among active HZ assets, our five year average NOI increase is 38.80% compared to NOI at acquisition (as of Q4 2023).

Net Operating Income (NOI)

Net operating income is a before-tax figure, appearing on a property’s income and cash flow statement, that excludes principal and interest payments on loans, capital expenditures, depreciation, and amortization.

Capital Projects

More than 3,700 capital projects totaling over $330M of cap ex since 2007 (as of Q4 2023).

Capital Projects

Capital expeditures are funds used by a company to acquire, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as property, plants, buildings, technology, or equipment.

Unit Renovations

442 completed
Average cost: $7,404 per unit
Average premium: $135 per unit
Average ROC: 21.8%
(2022 calendar year)

Unit Renovations

Return on cost is used to determine how profitable an investment is. ROC is calculated by dividing the potential net operating income by the purchase price plus the cost of renovation.

Integrated property management.

Mission Rock Residential (MRR), a Hamilton Zanze-affiliated property management company, creates unique opportunities to add value.

Our expertise and dedicated construction management team efficiently executes capital improvement projects, updating properties to increase resident retention, lease rates, and property value.

This partnership actively nurtures our investments, reducing controllable expenses and maximizing net operating income.

Capital Markets Team Icon

Founded in 2012.

Property Investment Partners and Improvements Icon

Manages over 30,000 units across the U.S.

Passive real estate investment icon

Employs over 800 professionals.

Select clients include Starwood Capital, LivCor, UBS Realty, New York Life, and Prudential Real Estate.

Kirkwood Place — Clarksville, TN
photo of apartment multifamily real estate lobby amenity
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