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7 Reasons People Are Moving to Texas

hamilton-zanze July 30, 2013

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 5 of the 10 fastest-growing American cities are in Texas due to the following seven socio-economic factors:

  1. Jobs – According to New Geography, the job market in Texas has expanded beyond the oil and gas boom to growth in technology, manufacturing, and business services. Military presence has also grown in the decade since the 9/11 tragedy.
  2. Cheaper cost of living – Texas has a considerable amount of high-wage jobs for skilled college graduates. The ratio of median single-family home price to median household income is 2.9 in Houston, compared to 6.7 in San Francisco.
  3. Housing availability – Cheap land and efficient permitting and construction processes mean single-family homes are readily available.
  4. Low taxes – Texas residents do not pay personal state income tax and face the sixth-lowest individual tax burdens of any state.
  5. Big cities – Texas has several large cities including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and El Paso, appealing to urban dwellers.
  6. Family-friendly – Texas has good-value housing, reasonable mortgage rates, and above-average schools, making the state popular for families.
  7. “Stickiness” – The Pew Research Center reports that over 75% of native Texan adults still live there, making Texas the “stickiest” state.

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