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Congratulations to Ashlee Cabeal on her GlobeSt. Women of Influence Award!

hamilton-zanze July 26, 2022
Company News

We are pleased to announce that Ashlee Cabeal, Hamilton Zanze’s (HZ) Chief Financial Officer has been recognized as one of Globe St. Real Estate Forum’s 2022 Women of Influence!

Since 1983, Globe St. has recognized a group of female real estate professionals for their achievements in the field. These individuals have personally impacted the market and have significantly driven the industry to new heights through their outstanding success.

Ashlee is a longtime member of the HZ team and embodies the kind of leadership and diligence required by today’s fast-paced real estate investment industry. She oversees HZ’s tax, accounting, and transactions teams.

"She was a natural fit for our CFO position and has exceeded every expectation, implementing change and garnering praise across the HZ platform."

-HZ’s Founding Partner Mark Hamilton.


Ashlee Cabeal started as an intern at Hamilton Zanze in 2010 and today she serves as the firm’s CFO. Within her role, Cabeal leads the firm’s tax, accounting and transaction group teams, oversees the financial mechanics of individual multifamily investment deals, processes the distributions associated with holdings and dispositions, and manages the corporate books. In 2021, Cabeal helped the firm close its largest-ever transaction, a $437 million, 60-property portfolio in Northern California. She also led the firm’s launch of a new digital investor portal, which has helped the company garner more interest in each investment opportunity. Cabeal recently helped launch the company’s first discretionary fund, for which she studied taxation nuances and helped the company make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, under Cabeal’s leadership, the first achieved its largest annual acquisition volume in 2021. Cabeal is active in Bay Area real estate communities and regularly participates in national educational conferences.

You can read more about the award and other winners in Globe St.’s July issue. Congratulations Ashlee!