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HZ News Hamilton Zanze’s Statement Regarding Racial Inequality and Community Unrest

June 5, 2020

Hamilton Zanze’s Statement Regarding Racial Inequality and Community Unrest

Recent weeks have been some of the most challenging in our history. They have culminated in America bearing witness to the murder of George Floyd and have been followed by nationwide protests for justice and equality. We deeply respect and support those across America who are protesting peacefully for critical change. 

As Americans, we all must take responsibility for the uncomfortable and unacceptable truth that we, as a nation, have not consistently stood up for the basic human rights of many of our fellow citizens.  

We at Hamilton Zanze are committed to providing housing and building community regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, gender identity, citizenship, color, or race, and believe that there should be one American system of justice that applies equally to all of us. We are also committed to listening and hearing. We must listen to the voices of our teams, our partners, those among us and in our communities who are the most vulnerable and disenfranchised, and those struggling with the most grief. We will listen not only to convert what we learn into progress but also out of respect for those whose voices have been silenced. 

Silence is not an option. While the past cannot be changed, thoughts, prayers, sympathies, and condolences are not enough. We are not without flaws, but we will not allow our human frailties to hold back progress. We will work to hold our elected officials accountable, and we will remain accountable to each other and each of you in providing housing and building communities that promote equality and reflect the diversity of our nation and the best of its ideals.