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Back to Basics: What Today’s Residents Want

hamilton-zanze May 08, 2024
Company News
Ironwood at Happy Valley (Phoenix, AZ) Ironwood at Happy Valley (Phoenix, AZ)

As apartment owners and operators compete to offer more attractive amenities to attract residents, the return on their capital expenditures can be evasive. But, as our Managing Director of Asset Management Tim Bruss writes in a new piece for Rental Housing Journal, by concentrating on the basics and functionality, owner/operators can ensure that any community improvement measures are truly providing a return on investment.

Read the full article, and see below for a short excerpt.

“While maybe not as eye-popping as a novelty-type amenity such as an onsite arcade, items such as coworking spaces are more functional and ultimately are more likely to drive resident retention. That is part of the big-picture premise that in the current multifamily marketplace, operators should concentrate on basics and functionality when contemplating any renovations or capital improvements.”