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Dallas, Las Vegas in the Top 10 U.S. Metros for Renters

hamilton-zanze April 30, 2015

Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas are among the U.S. metros with the highest number of renters, according to MPF Research. Rental units represent 47.0% and 43.7%, respectively, of the households in the Las Vegas and Dallas-Fort Worth metros, compared to the U.S. average of 36.0%.

Increasingly, high foreclosure rates have bolstered the apartment market in Las Vegas, which came in fourth among the nation’s top 10 metros with the highest propensity to rent.

Dallas was ranked 10th in the recent report, with a high rentership rate despite affordable for-sale housing and almost nonexistent foreclosures. Rapid economic growth and concentrations of major corporate employers have attracted young professionals to the area, many of whom rent before they buy, making North Texas a surprisingly renter-heavy market.

The 10 metros with the highest propensity to rent are:

  1. Los Angeles-Orange County: 52.4%
  2. New York-Northern New Jersey: 49.8%
  3. Fresno: 48.1%
  4. Las Vegas: 47%
  5. Riverside-San Bernardino: 46.6%
  6. Bakersfield: 45.4%
  7. San Francisco-Oakland: 44.2%
  8. San Diego: 43.4%
  9. San Jose: 42.9%
  10. Dallas-Fort Worth: 43.7%

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