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Investors Prefer Multifamily Purchases in Recovering Market

hamilton-zanze May 07, 2015

Investors are shifting their purchases to multifamily properties and away from single-family homes, according to a California Association Of Realtors (CAR) survey.

The 2015 CAR Investor Survey found 21% of investors purchased multifamily properties in the past year, up from 19% in 2014 and 14% in 2013.

Additional findings from CAR’s “2015 Investor Survey”:

  • Investors held properties for an average of 6.1 years in 2015, down from 8 years in 2014 and 7.9 years in 2013.
  • Investors owned fewer properties on average (6.4) in 2015, down from 8.3 in 2014 and 6.5 in 2013.
  • 70% of investors believed their property would increase in value in one year, and 75% said the property would increase in value in five years.
  • Investors expect their properties to appreciate an average of 27% during their ownership period.
  • Investors intend to charge a median monthly rent of $1,850 and plan to increase that by $50 (2.7%) next year.
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