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In a Post-Pandemic Economy, Needs-Based Real Estate Sectors are More Appealing Than Ever

hamilton-zanze January 04, 2022

Toby Costello, a member of the private equity team at Hamilton Zanze, recently authored an article for Wealth Management Real Estate about real estate in a post-pandemic economy. 

See the full article here, and see below for a short excerpt.

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“Let’s start with the obvious: the world looks different than it did 24 months ago and investor’s assumptions have been severely tested. As we begin to navigate an inflationary period on the heels of the pandemic, investors willing to adapt can capitalize on this new world, though.

It is helpful to understand what has transpired and where we are now. Remote work and school have made our population more “home-centric.” Investors have fewer viable options than before as there has been a flight to quality and a narrowing of acceptable risk tolerance. Consumers are experiencing inflationary pressure due to a perfect storm of supply chain issues, economic stimulus, quantitative easing and general uncertainty. And finally, tax efficient investment strategies are under attack.

Despite all of that, there are still bright spots, namely in the private real estate investment world.”

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