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Provo Has the Best Local Economy in the Country

hamilton-zanze July 24, 2013

The On Numbers Economic Index ranked Provo, UT as the strongest local economy in the country. Dallas-Fort Worth came in second, and Austin grabbed the third spot, with Oklahoma City and Houston rounding out the top five.

Below are a few factors that have driven Provo’s thriving economy:

  • Strong job growth –The fifth-best private sector jobs growth rate nationally, increasing 4.9% since 2008.
  • Low unemployment – With unemployment at 4.6%, Provo is one of only seven major markets with an unemployment rate below 5%.
  • Income growth – Weekly earnings for private-sector workers notched the biggest increase in the country at 41.7%.
  • Retail expansion – Retail employment grew 6.6% year-over year, the third-biggest increase behind Little Rock and Oklahoma City

Read more at Austin Business Journal

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